If you want to use a tape that’s right for the job, you may have to do a bit of research, but this is ok as it’s easy to find the answers you need.

For the most part you can do the majority of work with either packing tape or duct tape. Packing tape is ideal for when you want to seal boxes and envelopes, duct tape is weatherproof and water resistant, which means it’s ideal for jobs around the home.

Using Packing Tapes

When I moved house I used a lot of packing tape, we’re talking a few rolls of the stuff, and I used it well. I’ve moved house a lot, and I kind of know the drill, and how important it is to use the right tape at the right time. I have tried to use duct tape for sealing boxes, but it doesn’t seem to hold it as well. This is especially so when you’re trying to seal a box that’s full books that just don’t want to be there.

Packing tape has been made specifically for sealing boxes and other containers. It’s also good for sealing bulky envelopes too as it’s quite flexible, as well as being strong, much like double sided tapes.

You should always make sure you buy good quality packing tape as the cheaper stuff is not always that good. I once sent a friend some homemade cookies through the post, and by the time it got there, a lot of the tape had worked its way loose. Thankfully the mailman was kind enough to save most of the cookies by placing them in a bag, but a lot of them got crushed because they had fallen out. This just goes to show you that even if you think your cheap velcro tape is doing the job properly, you may still have problems, so it’s worth your while spending just that little bit extra.